Senior Independence Programs

Promoting Senior Independence

Supporting active, healthy living and aging in place

Social isolation and sustained loneliness among our older adult neighbors can create significant barriers to individual and community well-being.  TCAA offers over forty years’ experience in delivering programs and services that enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community by maintaining their independence and dignity. We began to offer senior center-based activities in 1976 and added a variety of nutrition services for seniors in 1981.  TCAA works to prevent seniors from experiencing isolation, loneliness, and serious health risks, so that they can age safely in their homes and within their community of choice. Our Senior Independence focus combines the best of our senior services experience with our expansive knowledge of the target population and the importance of nutritious, reliable food and social connections for healthy aging.

With help from volunteers and donors, TCAA provides a continuum of services to older adults including access to social events, education and fitness activities, transportation, food, case management, home-based support, and opportunities to be of service. More than 1,100 seniors in Tempe and South Scottsdale participate in these services each year.

How you can help

Senior independence is a cause and a need that extends far beyond TCAA’s capacity. Local businesses and community members can help further our impact by supporting our programming in a variety of ways.  Contact TCAA to learn how you can get involved in services that foster senior independence today.